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Welcoming Guests and First Impressions

The sermon starts in the parking lot, and the impression you make for your guests on Sunday morning during the first 10 minutes will be indelible.

Technology and The Church

Leveraging technology for ministry can be an incredible blessing. But it can also be fraught with problems and pitfalls. Learn how to use technology well.

Vision and Leadership

Our God longs for leaders to request of Him to do that which they cannot. Faith filled vision, leadership and risk are key ingredients for ministry.

Preaching and Communication

You know and understand how challenging it is to communicate. It is hard to get and capture people's attention. Learn how to communicate effectively.

Creativity and Innovation

Being creative means asking the right questions and making new associations. Discover new and creative ideas for your ministry.

8 Of The Most Important Considerations When Hiring

From Brad Lomenick:

1. Hire slow and fire fast. Many organizations are just the opposite, hiring fast and firing slow.

2. Look for heart and hands, not just mind and spirit.

3. Culture is key. As the leader, do you want to hang out with them? Hire people you want to be friends with.

4. Don’t just interview them. “intern” them. This is our system at Catalyst.

5. Hire a doer, not just a talker.

6. Benchmark the Experts. Who are the best people in the world at the position you are hiring? Figure out who that is, and contact them. For advice, suggestions, and to understand why they are so good at what they do. Learn from them and build a job description for your new hire from that.

7. Be wary of the “stepping stone” mentality. If you are another stop on the journey for someone, then run. Reality is – people are transitioning all the time. But that shouldn’t be their mindset going in when hiring them.

8. Do your homework. Have potential team members take personality tests, talk to their references, and spend as much time as you can with them.

(ht: Brad)

Three Big Considerations Before You Recruit Volunteers

Before you start recruiting volunteers for your church and ministry you have to ask yourself these three strategic questions:

What kind of person do you need? - Traits, Skills, Personality, Experience??

What is the level of difficulty for the position and opportunity being filled? - Develop an honest assessment of all that position will entail and require.

What are the most likely methods that you will use to fill that position? - Will you recruit from an existing group of volunteers? Go outside the organization? etc...

If you miss the mark in accurately assessing any of these questions, you will either go after and put the wrong people in certain volunteer positions.  Or you will advertise and offer volunteer opportunities and positions that portray unrealistic demands or expectations (either easier or more difficult).

Spending time on these questions will make sure you get the right person doing the right job and being able to fill that job when needed.

Fund Your Church Now

My friend Casey Graham is the real deal - he's a guy who loves the Lord and has a genuine passion, and proven expertise in helping churches fund their churches in order that they can effectively accomplish their calling and Kingdom work.

This Thursday, Casey and Giving Rocket will be hosting a FREE online conference.

I know that you can come up with a ton of reasons why you shouldn't sign up for this or why you think that another conference on giving won't work....You might be saying....

"You just don't know my people"

The bottom line is that while your church has a unique mission and culture, people are generally the same.  People ARE different, but we all share some of the same hopes, dreams and fears.

"We're NOT in a wealthy area"

Pastors in urban churches say that people in the city don't have any money. Pastors in rural areas talk about how hard it is to get people to give. Suburban pastors complain about how overextended their people are.

"Our church is different"

While it may be true that your church has a focused mission, God has called you to love him and
reach people. That bottom-line mission is for churches of all shapes, sizes and styles.
Stop using your unique calling as an excuse for low funding.

You don't want to miss this!