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Worst Meeting Ever!

Have you ever cried that out loud? I know I have.

Meetings can be bad enough as they are - but a bad book about meetings, such as the one pictured, All About Meetings,  is Uberboring!

You won't find this book at your local Barnes and Noble.  Rather you will most likely find this dusty old find someone in the dark recesses of your public library.

The table of contents of this book include:
1. Why Meetings? ...
2. What Is a Meeting?…..
12. Was It A Good Meeting?

Memorable quotes:
Page 81, “Probably you too have been present at affairs where the hostesses acted as though they hated everyone and wished that they were anywhere but there…”   And, “The guest who arrives too early sometimes presents a problem which may be solved simply by not opening the doors until a certain set time…” - no kidding?!

Meetings are unavoidable in ministry and in the marketplace.  Since you are going to have meetings - you might as well do them right.   When you hold your meetings it is important that you include several things:

An agenda that people receive at least 24 hrs before the schedule meeting - that way people aren't going in cold with no thought or preparation.

Clear start and end times.

Everyone walks away with a clear action plan - answering the three questions.  What is the task?.. Who specifically has responsibility for it?...And when is it's deadline?

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