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My Personal Recommendation Of Tony Stiff

In this post, I want to toot someone's horn and bring them to your attention.

In my years of working alongside many ministry leaders, Tony Stiff is one of the most gifted pastors I know. Tony is not only a pastor, he is a friend and a ministry colleague.

Tony is currently in a season of transition and seeking the Lord for the next ministry opportunity

If you are part of a church that is going through a pastoral transition, whether it be a lead pastor or a pastoral staff position, I would encourage you to take a look at Tony's material - his resume website and video!

 I wouldn't hesitate to work with Tony on the same team if the opportunity provided itself.

To see Tony's resume website with this video in its intended context click here.
To download a copy of Tony's Pastoral Resume in PDF form with references, recommendations, and more click here.


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