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Biblical Worldview Training

Starting today, the Colson Center for Christian Worldview will begin to equip a true movement of believers — men and women who want to defend and live out a thoroughly biblical worldview in this postmodern age, an age that is growing increasingly hostile to the beliefs and values that have made Western civilization possible.
 The Colson Center is a unique interactive Website — a vast virtual library that pulls together not only my work and teachings, but those of many of the great Christian thinkers, ancient and modern. When you come to the Website, you'll have full, free access to articles, videos, online courses — all designed to help believers see the world through the eyes of Christ. You'll also find links to a wide variety of Christian ministries and organizations that share my passion for seeing a renewed, vibrant Church impacting the society in which we live.

To learn more about the Colson Center for Christian Worldview and explore all it has to offer, visit the Colson Center at....

They have created a brief video that captures the heart of what they're trying to accomplish through the Colson Center.


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