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How To Become A Scheduling Wizard

When you need to schedule a meeting with one or, even worse, multiple people, don't you spend tons of time exchanging emails back and forth just to find one time that fits in everyone's schedule? It often becomes a headache and a big time waster. But just when you thought you would remain relegated to an email only solution, then comes along TimeBridge.

It's a simple, free service that helps people set up meetings. It acts like a personal scheduling assistant (something I don't have in my church budget to pay for!) Basically, when you want to set up a meeting with a lot of people, instead of emailing back and forth, you set up a TimeBridge request which only requires a couple of quick and easy steps.

The process is super easy and usually only takes me a minute or two. First you log into your account. Then, just like writing a email, you write a subject line and choose the recipients to email (I've important my gmail contacts into TimeBridge. TimeBridge is nicely integrated with both Google and Outlook). Then you propose a "series" of times when the meeting would work best for you. What is so cool about TimeBridge is that it is linked to my Google Calendar (it works with Outlook Calendar as well). TimeBridge allows me to view my calendar and see my availability. I then simply mark on my calendar the slots that I would like to meet. I then set up a meeting location. And lastly I send it. TimeBridge does the rest of the work. You just set it and forget it!

Immediately my recipients get an email which gives them an opportunity to indicate which of my available options would work for them. What I like is that until the meeting is finalized, all of my selected meeting times remain in my Google Calendar as "Tentative" - this is so I don't accidentally book another appointment. But once everyone has responded, the meeting is set, the meeting is put in my Google Calendar and the other tentative times blocked out are released from my calendar.

One extra bell and whistle that I like is that TimeBridge also sends automatic email reminders to all the meeting participants the day before the upcoming meeting.

I have been using TimeBridge for over a month, and it has proven to be a tremendous time saver and one of the more useful apps that I use. Also, the people who get the TimeBridge requests have told me that when they got the email request to schedule a time - it was easy to use and intuitive - people weren't confused with what they had received.

If you want to communicate more effectively with the people with whom you schedule meetings with, TimeBridge is must.


Have you tried using ScheduleOnce fro your meetings? It's very to use and doesn't require registration.

ok so what do u do in the site?

The site helps you schedule appts between one or multiple eliminates the email ping pong between the attendees...try it out, you'll like it.

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